Tiger Rackô shelving and racking systems

A progressive UK company committed to providing racking and shelving solutions for industrial, commercial, medical and scientific environments

Tiger-RackTiger Rackô is a UK company whose mission is to provide hygienic, flexible and durable racking and shelving solutions in hospitals, laboratories, hotels, restaurants and food processing environments to name just a few!

As part of the Doity Engineering Group of Companies - located in Lancashire, north west England - we understand what our customers want in modular racking and shelving systems, especially in environments where hygiene is a priority.

There's no doubt that Tiger Rackô is a specialist premium product, but its flexibility is such that the innovative design and components can be adapted to provide you with the space and hygienic storage you need to make a measurable difference.

From enquiry to installation, we are committed to providing every customer with a world-class standard of service. We 'deliver' in every sense of the word: on quality, specification and price.

To find out more about Tiger Rackô modular shelving systems, contact our Customer Service Department today.

Tiger Rack
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