Tiger Rackô Modular, hygienic shelving

Stable, strong and hygienic racking and shelving systems create valuable storage space across many applications

Various Tiger Rack Assemblies in a Store RoomTiger Rackô modular shelving products combine strength and stability with unique hygienic properties. Easy to assemble, this versatile shelving and racking solution provides the storage space you need for commercial, industrial, medical and scientific environments.

Tiger Rackô hygienic shelving products are made from refined polypropylene with a steel core to give the posts and traverses extra strength.

All units are manufactured using the injection moulding technique to create a smooth and continuous polypropylene surface that is impervious to dirt and resistant to most chemicals.

In addition, the racking is cadmium-free and suitable for use with food products. Tiger Rackô is also easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe (for non-moving components) and HACCP compliant.

The tight jointing system (which uses a unique double-wedge design concept) not only creates a highly rigid structure. It also prevents liquids and dirt from entering the racking to further enhance the hygiene credentials of Tiger Rackô

A strong and stable shelving system

A major feature of Tiger Rackô shelving is its stability. This is created by the special self-stabilising connections on the frame posts that cut out the need for cross stays.

It enhances the distributed load bearing capacity of each unit to 150kg per shelf element. A standard four-shelf unit will therefore have an impressive total load bearing capacity of 600kg.

Tiger Rackô is a modular shelving system which is available in four heights (1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm and 1800mm), twelve lengths (from 680mm to 1780mm) and four depths (300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm).

All units can be replaced or added to as required, or completely reconfigured with the minimum of fuss. Assembly is quick and easy and requires no special skills or experience.

Tiger Rackô meets all European safety and hygiene standards.

Tiger Rack is Easy to Assemble Tiger Rack Post and Traverse Section Steel Cores Tiger Rack Components Tiger Rack is Easy to Clean
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Tiger Rackô is a modular system assembled from a simple range of components.
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Click Here to Download Tiger Rack Brochure

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