Versatile and hygienic modular shelving

Tiger Rack™ shelving is suitable for a wide range of storage needs where hygiene, stability and flexibility are essential

Tiger-Rack used in a Kitchen Stores EnvironmentTiger Rack™ modular shelving systems combine a range of features which make them the ideal storage and racking system for use in commercial and industrial, medical and scientific environments – especially where hygiene is an essential part of day-to-day operations. 

Tiger Rack™ modular shelving is ideal for…

• Cold rooms and walk-in freezers. It can withstand temperatures as low as –30°C.

• Wet areas. The polypropylene surfaces are completely rustproof.

• Laboratories and clean rooms – Tiger Rack™ is resistant to most chemicals and impervious to dirt.

• Hospital applications – including operating theatres – where total hygiene is obligatory. Tiger Rack™ is ideal for use with autoclaves where units can be stripped down and exposed to the necessarily high temperatures demanded of hospital cleaning procedures.

• Hotel and restaurant kitchens, and in the food retailing and processing industry. The shelving is easy to clean and dishwasher safe (for non-moving components).

• Computer environments – impressive anti-static qualities.

Tiger Rack™ is more than modular shelving…

• It creates valuable racking and storage space in many configurations. Available in four heights, twelve lengths and four depths. Shelves can be either solid plates – or grills where air circulation is required.

• Make mobile shelving (or serving trolleys) by adding easily mountable castors – two braked and two unbraked to each unit.

• The attractive yet practical design combines strength with cleanliness in modular units that are quick and easy to assemble.

• Meets all European Hygiene and Safety Standards.

To find out more about the versatility of Tiger Rack™ shelving systems, contact our Customer Services Team today.

Tiger Rack
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  Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe (non-moving components)
Made from Recyclable Polypropylene Recyclable Polypropylene
    Cadmium Free Cadmium Free
HACCP Compliant
HACCP Compliant
Food Safe Materials Fit for Food Products

Anti-MicroBial Shelf Plates

Tiger Rack™ shelf plates contain an antimicrobial, a silver-ion technology that inhibits the growth of mould, fungus and bacteria that may cause odours, stains and product degradation. This fights the growth of such microbes between regular cleanings.